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Dear reader,


I know many musicians to whom the bandonion appears as a wonderful and desirable but inaccessable instrument, surrounded by a hedge of thorns like Sleeping Beauty.

This instrument sounds so wonderful, but nearly everyone says: it is infinitely difficult to learn. The unsystematically tortuous paths of the scales are responsible – paths which run according to four different maps, on the right differently from the left, while opening differently from closing the bellows.


My new book wants to help all lovers and curious people getting their first successful experiences by playing easy pieces on the bandonion.

Most of the pieces you may retrieve as mp3 file or video. Either with the QR code in the book or on this website.

What kind of bandonion do you own? There are different systems of fingering. A little trick will enable you to play the pieces of my book with all these systems. Read more about it just here.

Have Fun!

Peter Michael Haas

Unterschrift Peter M. Haas

Bandoneon 144-tönig Foto Peter M. Haas